Tonight, after sundown, we count the following day of the Omer:

Today is 44 days, which is 6 weeks and 2 days of the Omer

How to: the blessings and procedure for counting the Omer.

From Our Community:

I am living in this house, in this neighborhood for almost 26 years, and today I took a walk and discovered a place I had never seen before. I found myself on a trail by the creek, with much birdsong, different plants, trees and wild flowers. In the midst of a usually noisy, traffic filled city, I experienced serenity and the joy of natural beauty. My soul is revived.

–Sylvia G.

We’re still accepting submission to this year’s Omer Learning project. Share your own story of hope or feeling G-d’s presence here. We look forward to sharing your insights with community!